Julie Forsythe

Julie Forsythe

Board of Directors, Guiding Teacher, Meditation Teacher


Over the last ten years of sitting here in Putney the chance to practice with others who are sincerely approaching the question of how to live more fully and harmoniously is inspiring. Freshness is so important in this exploration and others responses to led practice keep me from falling into mindless ruts!

A welcoming simple spare setting in a Quaker meeting house in the country. We meet before for those who wish to share brown bag supper and personal sharing followed by an hour of led meditation by one of our four meditation teachers. Awakening Through Love is our core text as well as sharing from retreats with John Makransky and other established teachers in this tradition.

Every aspect of my life and interaction is open to the possibility that I might actually be drawn back to openness and awareness of my self and the”other” as complete mysterious beings, not merely distortions of my own projections.