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There are no 'others'. There is no 'them'. It is all “US”.
~ Lama John Makransky

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To empower people with profound contemplative practices that support their aspirations to become better people and to make a better world.


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Ken Bent


When I was first asked by Lama John to become a teacher for the practices of Innate Wisdom and Compassion, I was concerned that I would not be up to the task of leading others in this practice; that I would not be able to communicate the depth of this practice to others. However, what I have found over the years of leading this practice is that Lama John has adapted the practice for Westerners in a way that they can easily connect with the essence of love & compassion and the openness of wisdom in the practice. The practice seems to have a power all its own, above and beyond anything I do when sharing it with others, to connect us with our deepest goodness, our own true nature.

Here are some comments from people who participate in our weekly group in Providence:

“Focusing on my daily "grateful" moments, and how my body reacts, lead me to realize that it is the same emotional experience as when I remember my benefactors. This lead to contemplating why, and if, benefactors are different than others. As I have been flooded by more benefactors than ever during my meditations, I realize that the distinctions between groups are largely arbitrary and shifting."
"I feel love in so many places and ways. I see more small moments each day that I value and, somehow, the distinction between good and bad moments seems less clear.  It has been quite a process for me!”

“Practicing Loving Kindness in a personal interaction has been life changing for me, and all for the good, it seems to me.”

“I have found the practices to be quite helpful. For example, last week I reacted with sincere interest, rather than defensively, when a close friend forcefully questioned a decision I had made. It is a situation that usually ends with us both frustrated. I wasn't even aware of how differently I had reacted until after the fact.”

”The teachings on anger yesterday couldn't have come at a better time!  I am dealing with my mom in a much healthier way for me and not letting her anger and major negativity bring me down.  Instead of reacting to her with frustration, I am waiting, thinking, and responding in my own positive way.  So rather than starting an argument we were able to just move on and eventually have pleasant, thoughtful interactions and I feel much more at peace.”

” I also love those 'fleeting moment' benefactors....I'll never forget the benevolence of that older man who held the door for me at Whole Foods one day about ten years ago, and the beautiful smile he gave me.  That was during the time I was sick and that gesture was probably something I desperately needed at that moment.  It's amazing how something like that can continue to be sustaining over the years.”