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Love within the family is excellent training for loving everyone.
~ Lama John Makransky

Our Mission

To empower people with profound contemplative practices that support their aspirations to become better people and to make a better world.


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These practices have become part of many of the psychology classes I teach, in small and large ways. Sometimes students actively visualize and commune with caring figures from their lives; at other times they may simply practice calming breathing. The NWC meditations have become especially integral to my course in beginning counseling skills. Students can be nervous about being in a helping role for the first time, so initially they learn ways to relax and let be in body, breath and mind. Then the meditations of receiving and extending care and compassion allow them to be more and more present to and see the deep worth and potential in themselves and all others. The students learn, bit by bit, to welcome all kinds of experiences, thoughts and emotions with an empathy that feels fresh and alive, and all of the practical counseling techniques we experiment with during the semester rest on this essential foundation. It’s an honor to be with them as they become the helpers they want to be, and the practices make that possible.