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Happiness is the energy of connection.
~ Lama John Makransky

Our Mission

To empower people with profound contemplative practices that support their aspirations to become better people and to make a better world.


Social Service

Reasons That People in Social Service Train in Meditations of Natural Wisdom and Compassion

-- Alleviating burnout and compassion fatigue -- People who serve others, in professional settings or in homes and communities, face many challenges and much stress in their work. We need clear methods to prevent or heal from burnout and compassion fatigue. The meditations offered here help us access a level of awareness beyond stress and burnout, where we can find deep rest, inner safety, and replenishment of energy and motivation. From there we can embody a real sense of safety, peace and care for others.

-- Becoming more fully present -- People in social service professions are most effective when most fully present to those we serve—connecting to others in their deep worth and dignity, listening with full attention and empathy, relating to them in their best potential, and helping them to bring out their hidden strengths. But how do we enhance and actualize such abilities in ourselves? The meditations offered here can bring out our capacities for much fuller attention, empathy, discernment, and joy in others.

-- Enhancing our ability to effect a change -- Sometimes we need to challenge dysfunctional patterns of thought and behavior in those we serve or in our communities. Meditation tools can help us find the equanimity and inner strength to do so skillfully, while strengthening our compassion for everyone involved.

How Meditations of Natural Wisdom and Compassion Address the Needs of People Who Serve Others

The meditations guided in these workshops help the mind relax into its most natural state of simplicity and openness—beyond the turmoil of ego-reaction and stress. This natural state is a place of profound rest, replenishment and care for ourselves—a ground of sanity and renewal. From that place we can be more fully present to others, attuned to their hidden strengths, while tapping our own capacity for more positive energy, compassion, equanimity and joy in those we serve.

Meditations of compassionate communion and presence are taught in progressive steps. We learn to recall loving persons and special places in our lives and to receive loving energy deeply into every part of body and mind, permitting us to settle into a natural state of tranquility, openness and unobstructed awareness. In that state of simplicity we can be more fully present to others while naturally extending compassionate energy and unconditional regard. Such practices can bring out our underlying capacity for fuller presence, connection and enjoyment in our lives and work.

Description of Workshops and Retreats for Social Service Workers

The contemplative training in these workshops and retreats is designed for all who serve others either professionally or in home or community—teachers, counselors, social workers, pastors, therapists, nurses, doctors, hospice workers, community volunteers, those who take care of elderly parents, etc. Guided meditations ease participants into a state of compassionate communion and simple, natural awareness, for their own deep replenishment and for more effectiveness and joy in their work with others. These meditations are adapted from the natural ease tradition of Tibetan Buddhism to make them fully accessible to people of all backgrounds and faiths. The workshops are both for people new to meditation and for experienced meditators who want to revitalize their spiritual lives in service. They provide theory, guided meditations, discussion, and guidance on integrating meditation into relationships and service.

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