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John Makransky: Finding Immediate Access to Innate Capacities of Love, Compassion and Wisdom
Sat, March 03, 2018 - Sun, March 04, 2018 
White Heron Sangha Meditation Center - Avila Beach
Dharma Teaching , Social Service , Social Justice


makransky_jWeekend Workshop sponsored by White Heron Sangha and Foundation for Active Compassion

Finding Immediate Access to Innate Capacities of Love, Compassion, & Wisdom

Guiding Teacher: John Makransky, Ph.D

In this retreat, we will connect directly to innate capacities of love and wisdom in the deep nature of our minds, to cut through our reductive labels of self and others by sensing them in their deep dignity and potential, in their buddha nature. On that basis, we will cultivate sustainable, responsive compassion and wisdom, which can heal and liberate inner causes of suffering without devolving into empathic distress, "compassion fatigue," or burnout. This retreat is both for Buddhists who wish to deepen their experience of these innate qualities of awakening, and for people of all faiths and backgrounds who seek an accessible way to cultivate powerful love and compassion for action that is replenishing and sustaining. Guided meditations, explanation of key concepts, and discussion with participants to clarify and empower practice.

John Makransky is Associate Professor of Buddhism and Comparative Theology at Boston College, senior advisor for Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche's Centre for Buddhist Studies in Nepal, and current President of the Society of Buddhist-Christian studies. In 2000, John was ordained as a Lama, a meditation teacher of innate love, compassion and wisdom, within the Nyingma, Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

John is the developer of the Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) model, author of the popular meditation manual Awakening through Love, and co-founder of Courage of Care Coalition and Foundation for Active Compassion, organizations that provide contemplative trainings in sustainable care and compassion for people in caring professions and social and environmental activism. John's writings have focused on concepts and practices of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, ways of adapting Buddhist practices to address contemporary problems and needs, and theoretical issues in interfaith learning. Information on his work can be found at these websites:;; and

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