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Love within the family is excellent training for loving everyone.
~ Lama John Makransky

Our Mission

To empower people with profound contemplative practices that support their aspirations to become better people and to make a better world.


Eric Brus ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Eric is a writer and health educator focusing on HIV, hepatitis, and public health. First introduced to the Buddha Dharma in 1992, Eric practiced for many years under the guidance of lay and monastic teachers in the Thai and Burmese Theravada tradition. He became a meditation practice leader at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center and led a weekly chanting group there for more than 10 years. Over time, Eric has felt a growing affinity for Tibetan teachings and art, the bodhisattva ideal, and the cultivation of loving-kindness. These led him to the Innate Compassion, Wisdom, and Natural Meditation teachings of Lama John Makransky, Lama Willa Miller, and other teachers with the Foundation for Active Compassion and the Natural Dharma Fellowship. To help make these life-transforming teachings more widely available, Eric helps edit recordings of FAC and NDF retreats, dharma talks, and guided meditations.

Eric teaches Innate Compassion and Wisdom Meditation in Cambridge, MA and Jamaica Plain, MA.